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New York Bachelorette Party dwellers have been a little confused in recent months with an online frenze of confusing information coming from some of the top male strip clubs in New York. Supposedly Hunkmania has released a statement that an imposter company calling itself Hunkomania and about twenty other variations of that name and including USAHUNKS, USAHUNK and Manhattan Men are violating their rights and Trademark. When reviewing the claim it was found that all the vaiations listed above send thier customers to the same location but with slightly altered addresses.
Male Strip Clubs New York - SCAM
The fake Hunkomania location also seems to be located on the corner of Houston St and Essex St and using not only the two street locations but also 1/2's and odd numbered variations of those addresses so when gilrs arrive and see that the address is a door to an apartment building they look down the block and notice the Male Revue A-frame out in front of the club. The purpose of this is to confuse the girls into coming back to their show. You may ask why confuse them? Well we found tons of negative reviews on this company including bait and switch techniques, rudeness, exessive coat check fees, not delivering on package group services and the list goes on. So how do you keep your business running when you are a horrible business person? Simple create another fake entity to make the customer believe they are coming to a new great show at a different location. Only when they arrive do they realize the horrible truth.

Male Strip Clubs

Your Best choice for Male Strip Show tickets in New York, Atlantic City, Sayreville New Jersey and Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Come see the best male strippers on the East Coast at this Chippendale style Male Striptease review with a hands on audience encouraged male strip show. Bachelorette Party group packages are available for groups 6 and more.

Male Strippers New York
Renting a Male Stripper for your Bachelorette party in New York can be a chore or a fun fast experience. Getting the right male strippers for your bachelorette party will make or break your girls night out. Some male stripper companies that rank pretty high on the totem pole and that have amazing customer service and customer satisfaction rating are:

  • SavageMen Male Strippers
  • Beefcake Male Strip Clubs
  • American Babes Male Strip Shows

    Each one

    of these companies will deliver a quality male exotic dancer to your location at a great price. Usually male stripper companies charge 200 - 275 per 20-30 minutes. The quality level of these dancers may be less then what you expect because they are not held to any standards.
    But, the above mentioned companies send you top rate constantly working male strippers that preform on stage at thier weekly shows with great costumes, music and acts.

    Using a lesser company might bring that cute pizza man act you requested a real pizza delivery man that smells like a meatball hoggie, no music, no real act and no real Wow when he removes his clothes.


    Black Male Strippers New york

    A Black male strippers New York style stip club is hard to find. Usually the male strip clubs and male reviews tend to have a diversifyed array of men catering to a vast amount of women. We found that targeting one specific type of male stripper ususally leads to a less than happy overall audience. Great variety male strip shows can keep everyone in your party happy all at the same time instead of just a select person or few plus even if you had twelve hot black male strippers the odds are you could only handle one of them.

    Male Strippers New York
    Many black male strippers working in New York navigate to one of the three listed male strip clubs. The volume of women attending for instance the Savage Men Male Revue has on average 150 - 250 girls per show while an all black male revue would only get on average 50 - 100 girls. The more girls the more money and the more money the better off the male stripper. So, the better looking black male dancers with great acts tend to preform at mixed shows. A great case in point would be GQ, an amazing black male stripper whom works for the Savage Men Male Strippers Show and is located on the front of their web site. Click below to view GQ.
    Black Male Strippers


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